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After Sales Policy

1. Warranty

KingFast promise that all product will be repaired or change with the same level within warranty period without human mistake.

2. Limited Warranty

This warranty working condition, not include non-human or others damage.KingFast do not take responsibility as below reasons.which is not workable for KingFast warranty:

(1) When the product fails due to natural disasters, improper operation, etc.;

(2) When the product is opened or repaired by technical personnel Whick not authorized by us.

(3) Warranty label changed or lost(warranty sticker broken on screw hole)

(4) Product Series number not match or damaged

(5) Purchase from un-authorized Distributor

(6) Due to improper use environment,product is corroded and rusted

(7) Failure due to not follow on user manual

(8) Damaged due to improper transportation and other force majeure

3. Disclaimer

(1)KingFast only provide checking and repair on SSD itself.But do not provide any service on Data recovery.If any data lost,we do not take responsibilty

(2)KingFast do not take responsibility on damage while transportation.Suggest to save data first before send to us or delete data inside while send to us.

(3)To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, KingFast shall not be liable for any loss.

(4)KingFast products are not designed for high-safety purposes. We do not recommend that you use our products in life support equipment or other equipment that may cause personal injury or death due to product defects or malfunctions, including but not limited to medical Or its related equipment, military or its related equipment, aircraft, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention system, combustion control system, nuclear energy equipment. If the company's products are used in such applications, the company will not be responsible for any personal injury or any loss resulting from this application.

Other statements

1. The above warranty clauses are unique and complete, and will replace all other oral or written agreements, and are not accompanied by any other guarantees of the marketability or suitability of this product for specific purposes that are not stated here, whether express or implied.

2.If the laws of a specific country/region have a maximum time limit for the product warranty period, Goldspeed will provide technical support and quality assurance services to local consumers within the maximum range permitted by the laws of that specific country/region.

3.If the laws of a specific country/region do not allow the exclusion of implied warranty liability, Goldspeed only acknowledges that the implied warranty responsibility is valid for the specific country/region within the warranty period stated by KingFast

4. To whom the warranty terms apply

The KingFastWarranty Terms of Service are only applicable to consumers who purchase the company's products through legal sales channels.

5. Warranty Period

The full range of KingFast brand products sold in China, that is, from the date of purchase, if the product is damaged due to natural factors, you can enjoy free repair services during the warranty period.

6.Service items provided by the authorized service center. The full range of products are delivered for repair

7.Other matters needing attention

(1) For products with storage function, please back up the original data in the product before sending it for repair. KingFast does not guarantee the integrity of the data during the repair process;

(2) Some products are repaired by replacement of spare parts, so the repaired product may not be the original repaired product;

(3) Due to the rapid replacement of the product, when the product is discontinued or the original factory is no longer repaired, Jinsu will replace it with a "substitute" of the same level. Products that have been discontinued will be published on the official website of Jinsu from time to time ("News Center" list). Please also refer to the official website of Jinsu for the latest warranty information;

(4) KingFast does not provide services for exchanges of different capacities and designated nand flash lifetime

(5) The accessories (packages, manuals, drives, brackets, adapters, SATA cables, etc.) of KingFast SSD products are not guaranteed;

8. Delivery method

All faulty products in need of repair can be sent to the local authorized agent or distributor to return to the factory for repair.

Note: The final interpretation right of the items listed above belongs to Shenzhen New KingFast Storage Technology Co., Ltd. Therefore, if matters are not specified, Shenzhen New KingFast Storage Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the final interpretation right.

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