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  • Why can't I transfer 4GB or larger files to storage media?

    The maximum capacity of a single file in the Windows FAT32 file system is only supported up to 4GB. To avoid this situation, please format the storage medium to NTFS.

  • Why is the actual capacity available for my product less than what is indicated on the package?

    The difference in capacity display is mainly caused by the calculation method planned by the computer operating system and the calculation method of the SSD capacity in the Controller IC. SSDs are usually calculated in the decimal system, while computer systems use the binary system. SSD: 1KB=1000Byte bytes, 1MB=1000KB, 1GB=1000MB, 1TB=1000GB Operating system: 1KB=1024Byte bytes, 1MB=1024KB, 1GB=1024MB, 1TB=1024GB Take the device with 500GB capacity indicated by SSD as an example, 500GB =500*1,000MB*1,000KB*1,000Byte=500,000,000,000Byte, but the computer calculation unit uses the binary system, so 500,000,000,000Byte will be 500,000,000,000Byte/1024KB/1024MB/1024GB on the computer identification, which is about 465GB. The fastest calculation method: Specification capacity x 0.93 = approximately equal to the actual SSD capacity.

  • 2.Why the computer can not detect the SSD?

    Generally speaking, there are two possibilities: (1) Insufficient power supply: plug the USB power transmission line connector attached to the SSD to the USB slot at the back of the computer to ensure that the computer has enough current to supply the hard disk. And do not use USB Hub, extension cord or other USB devices to avoid insufficient power supply, causing the computer to fail to read the hard disk. (2) No new sector has been added: Under Windows XP/Vista/Win7 operating system, please go to Disk Management to confirm whether there is an SSD installed.

  • Once the SSD is connected, the system will request formatting!

    If it is the first installation, the system requires formatting is normal! However, if the SSD has data and the system requires formatting when connecting to the computer, you need to confirm whether the SSD is installed incorrectly. When the problem cannot be clarified, it is recommended to contact the customer service staff for analysis.

  • What should I do if the data transfer speed is too slow?

    SSD has built-in average erasing technology to ensure product life. The slow transmission may be due to the internal data reorganization, but this situation is not common, especially if this situation is not the first use, it is recommended to contact customer service staff for analysis.

  • The remaining capacity of my SSD often becomes larger or smaller after being turned off and on again. Is there a problem with the SSD?

    When the operating system is turned on, job data will be written to the temporary storage disk. This temporary storage disk will have different sizes due to different usage conditions. Therefore, the remaining capacity will be slightly larger or smaller. This is a normal situation .

  • How long is the life of SSD? How to use SSD to maximize the life of SSD?

    At present, SSDs have built-in average erasing function and error correction mechanism to increase SSD's longer lifespan, but generally speaking, SSD lifespan depends on the method of use and working environment. If a large amount of data is written for a long time or used in a high temperature environment, it may be possible Will reduce the life of SSD.

  • How can important data be backed up for safe storage? How long can it be stored?

    At present, various storage media, including optical disks, hard disks, and SSDs, are not devices for permanently storing data safely. Therefore, it is recommended that important data be backed up to several different devices to share the risk.

  • What is the difference between SSD and HDD?

    SSDs are storage devices, but the performance of SSDs is much higher than that of HDDs, especially the random access speed is significantly ahead of HDDs! However, due to the higher unit price, it is more suitable for installing the operating system in actual use. The HDD is usually used as a data backup storage due to its lower unit price and slower speed.

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