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Kingfast memory module released! Confirmed the eyes, met the right memory


Confirmed the eyes, met the right memory!

In April 2018, China's storage industry burst out exciting news - kingfast gold speed, the leading brand of China's solid-state storage industry, released memory modules and officially entered the memory market.

From focusing on the solid-state storage field to expanding into the memory market, kingfast gold speed brand takes the market demand as the guidance and follows the trend, which is also a sign of its continuous development and growth. At the same time, in terms of creating wealth in the market, this also brings unlimited business opportunities to dealers who are interested in creating wealth in the memory market.

It is reported that the memory module released by kingfast gold speed brand is named "spark red flame". The specific models are DDR3 4G 1600MHZ, DDR3 8g 1600MHZ, DDR4 4G 2400mhz and DDR4 8g 2400mhz.

"April's most beautiful encounter" - many dealers, on the release of gold speed memory module, issued such praise. Many agents, after seeing the gold speed memory module, also said that the design of the gold speed memory module is very exquisite, and I believe its performance will be good. I have confirmed my eyes and met the right memory.

The company has been specialized in solid-state storage for 10 years. Kingfast gold speed has rich technical experience and market accumulation in the storage field, which has created a good congenital condition for the release of golden speed memory module. With its excellent performance, kingfast gold speed memory module will redefine the memory standard - high frequency, large capacity and low voltage.

How to refine high quality products? Half of it comes from the careful selection of raw materials, and the other comes from the refinement of manufacturing technology. In the choice of memory particles, gold speed memory module selects high-quality memory particles, original genuine products, original factory quality. Quality, starting from the source, fundamentally, effectively ensure the comprehensive performance of memory module products.

In terms of production technology, kingfast gold speed relies on a large production base, advanced manufacturing technology and first-class automatic production line as the basic platform, adheres to the craftsman spirit of excellence, and fully inherits and gives full play to the strict quality control focusing on solid-state hard disk in the development and production of memory module, so as to ensure the "zero defect" of the product.

High frequency, large capacity and low voltage are the important marks of kingfast gold speed memory module, and also the development trend of memory module products. In the "spark red flame" series, DDR4 8g 2400mhz is more typical. 8g capacity is the mainstream large capacity on the market at present; 2400mhz is high frequency. In addition, 1.2V working voltage, low voltage, low consumption, energy saving, environmental protection, can not only ensure the stable operation of the product, guarantee the performance, but also benefit the service life of the product.

High cost performance, is a gold speed memory module advantage. Selected particles, leading technology, strict quality control, from material selection, research and development, to production, ensure the high performance of gold speed memory module products. In terms of price, based on the market accumulation of solid-state storage products for ten years, gold speed memory modules will also have an advantage in the market competition with similar products. On the whole, the performance price ratio of gold speed memory module will be higher than that of the same period.

Redefining memory, high frequency, large capacity, low voltage, gold speed memory module with a mission, leading the memory market vane. Refuse video load slow, running program error, low efficiency, game is not smooth , etc., some computer problems, so that users in the use of the computer, have a more fluent, more comfortable experience.

Industry insiders believe that from focusing on solid-state storage to expanding the memory market is a sign of the comprehensive and rapid development of many solid-state storage brands. Of course, it is also the objective demand for brand development under the market development trend. The essential driving force of business expansion is market demand. For example, kingfast, which focuses on solid-state storage and then enters the memory market, is more likely to create high-quality memory module products with experience, technology and market foundation.

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