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Concentrate and get ready to go-Shenzhen Yuanwei Group Annual Conference 2018 was a complete success!


Concentrate, get ready to go!

On January 29, 2018, Shenzhen Yuanwei Innovation Industrial Co., Ltd. grandly held the 2018 Shenzhen Yuanwei Group Annual Conference in Shenzhen Baolifang. The theme of the annual meeting was "Cohesion, Ready to Go". The employees of Yuanwei Group, as well as the invited guests, gathered together, enjoying themselves as a family; having dinner together, enjoying the wine, looking back at the glorious past, grasping the present, and looking forward to a bright future.

At the annual meeting, Yuanwei Group set up a number of awards such as Outstanding Progress Award, Excellent Employee Award, Annual Sales Champion Award, Annual Outstanding Contribution Award, and Yuanwei Group Core Senior Award, and awards to employees who performed well in 2017. And the multi-talented employees of Yuanwei also showed themselves through various colorful cultural programs such as singing, dancing, and sketches, making the annual meeting more exciting!

(1) Chairman's speech: Ten years of greatness, ten years of brilliant!

2018 is a year of historical memorial significance for Yuanwei Group. The KingFast brand under Yuanwei Group was established in 2008. By 2018, it has been going all the way for ten years.

"Ten years of greatness, ten years of glory!"-At the annual meeting, Mr. Bao Bin, Chairman of Yuanwei Group, gave a highly and concise overview of Yuanwei Group's ten-year glorious course with these eight words in his speech. In his speech, Mr. Bao Bin said that 2017 is a crucial year for Yuanwei Group to achieve a leapfrog sprint. In 2017, Yuanwei's greatest achievement was to achieve a new leap from "branding to grouping".

Looking back on 2017, Yuanwei Group invested in Jiangsu Liheng, committed to the design and development, testing, packaging, processing and sales of large-scale integrated circuits and electronic products, and integrated upstream resources; Looking back on 2017, Yuanwei Group’s KingFast Gold Speed ​​was the first industry launch In the Spark plan, the number of Spark cooperation platforms has reached 162, integrating downstream resources. Fully integrate the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, suppliers, domestic customers, and foreign customers, and work together to create a golden speed community, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

Ten years of greatness, ten years of glory! In his speech, Mr. Bao Bin emphasized that the brilliant achievements of Yuanwei Group cannot be achieved without the upstream supply chain, suppliers, and the long-term trust and strong support of downstream customers at home and abroad, as well as the hard work of all employees of Yuanwei Group. In 2018, we need to unite all the more, roll up our sleeves and work hard, and work hard in a common direction!

(2) Presenting awards to employees: reward advanced and set an example

The annual meeting is a year-end reunion dinner for the company's employees and a feast to share victory.

In 2017, a large number of advanced workers emerged in Yuanwei Group. Among them, either are diligent and dedicated at work; or they have outstanding performance and contribute to the company's sales performance; or as core managers, they have played a good role in company management.

In order to commend these outstanding workers, at the annual meeting, Yuanwei Group set up outstanding progress awards, outstanding employee awards, annual sales champion awards, annual outstanding contributions awards, and Yuanwei Group core senior level awards based on their roles. Awards, reward advanced workers and give out bonuses.

Awarding awards to outstanding employees is the Group's recognition of employees, and it is also the reward that employees should get after their hard work. An annual meeting is not only a reunion dinner, but also a feast to share the fruits of victory. By presenting awards to advanced workers, rewarding the advanced, and setting up a model, all employees can be encouraged to become models. In the future, more outstanding employees can emerge to jointly promote the development and growth of Yuanwei Group.

(3) Employee's birthday: warm and sweet, and good wishes

At Yuanwei, celebrating employees’ birthdays is a sweet date.

At the 2018 Shenzhen Yuanwei Group Annual Meeting, Yuanwei Group decided to celebrate birthdays for employees who were born from July to January. Accompanied by the beautiful melody of the song "Happy Birthday", in the soft light of the candles, the prepared cakes were pushed onto the stage, and all the birthday stars who were about to celebrate their birthdays stepped onto the stage to celebrate their birthdays together.

Amidst the cheers, the chairman of the group led the birthday stars to blow the candles and send good wishes.

A cake, a blessing, a culture. Yuanwei Group celebrates employees’ birthdays, which is a tradition and a culture. This kind of culture allows employees to find a sense of belonging in work and life, and feel the warmth of family. Concentrate, get ready to go!

(4) Employee interpretation: blooming yourself, infinitely exciting!

An annual meeting without employee programs is not a complete company annual meeting. The excitement of the annual meeting, to a large extent, also comes from the performance of the staff.

In the 2018 Shenzhen Yuanwei Group Annual Conference, the talented Yuanwei Group employees also brought their own performances. Among them, there are enthusiastic and high-pitched male and female duet singing "Being Loyal to the Country" and "I Believe", there are graceful beauty dances "Curry Curry", "The Dai Girl Comes Over", and humorous skits "The Four Great Talents" and " "New White Lady", more majestic chorus "Tomorrow will be better", "Love each other" and so on.

With various forms and a hundred flowers blooming, the employees of Yuanwei Group dedicate themselves and bloom themselves in the way of artistic programs, and they will be infinitely wonderful on the stage of the annual meeting!

A wonderful annual meeting is a good memory, an epitome of corporate development, the carrier of corporate culture, and the inheritance of corporate spirit. Ten years of greatness, ten years of glory! At the Shenzhen Yuanwei Group Annual Conference in 2018, the employees of Yuanwei Group, through their own methods, gathered their strengths and were ready to go, based on past brilliance, grasping current advantages, and joining hands to create a new journey in 2018!

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