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KingFast wireless solid state drive: storage can be so convenient!


Wired storage is commonplace; wireless storage, have you ever experienced it?

On December 12, 2017, KingFast, a leading brand in China's solid-state storage industry, released its Wi-Fi wireless solid-state hard drive product-One-Love, which attracted widespread attention both inside and outside the industry.

"KingFast One-Love WiFi wireless solid-state drive is a bold attempt and a great breakthrough in the solid-state drive industry. From wired to wireless, it successfully gets rid of the shackles of wired, making data storage more convenient and more convenient. Wherever you want." Industry insiders said.

Some media veterans also said that with the rapid development of the Internet, the use of WiFi in daily life is becoming more common. KingFast Golden Speed ​​WiFi Wireless Solid State Drive One-Love is launched, which is a technology product developed in accordance with the general market trend. Leading the new trend of science and technology, after the product goes on the market, it will lead the development of solid-state storage product technology.

It is reported that KingFast's newly launched One-Love has two black and white versions. The black version has dark red "wings" inlaid on the front, and the white version has pink "wings" inlaid on the front, meaning spreading wings and flying high. The overall design of the product is based on a sense of science and technology, and at the same time, there are no lack of fashion elements, which are more likely to be favored by young people.

WiFi wireless storage is the core feature of One-Love. Through WiFi, users can connect with One-Love through smart terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc., for WiFi wireless connection. After connecting, users can read and write data in One-Love by operating the smart terminal, and perform data transmission and data storage. Get rid of cable constraints, One-Love makes data storage very convenient!

With WiFi wireless storage, does One-Love completely abandon wired storage? actually not! In order to meet market demand to the greatest extent, KingFast One-Love adopts "wireless + wired" humanization-innovatively realize wireless storage while retaining wired storage to meet the consumer demands of different consumer groups.

High-speed reading and writing is always one of the important indicators to measure the quality of solid-state hard drives. Tests show that through wired storage, the read and write speeds of One-Love can reach about 500MB/s and 45OMB/s respectively. Excellent reading and writing speed, stylish appearance, and compact size make One-Love not only unique in "the convenient advantage of wireless storage", it is also very suitable as a portable mobile solid state drive.

Wireless storage, wired storage, the storage method is up to you! "Wireless + wired", storage method, two-pronged approach, multiple choices, KingFast One-Love, so that data storage can be so convenient, so arbitrary!

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